Start Date: August 15, 2019

In 2008, I happened upon a lecture by Kenneth Wapnick comparing Nietzsche’s 3 stages in Thus Spoke Zarathustra with the spiritual stages of ACIM. I had been simultaneously studying the existentialists and following a Marianne Williamson podcast on the ACIM Workbook so found the connection interesting, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I was frustrated with ACIM’s language and didn’t particularly care for Williamson’s pop–psychology blurbs so I quit around Lesson 266 and then completely forgot about ACIM for over a decade.

In July, Williamson made her second bizarre appearance on the 2020 Democratic Presidential debates which, oddly, reminded me of Wapnick’s lecture. I re-listened to part of it and was fascinated by how different Wapnick’s interpretation of ACIM is from Williamson’s. I purchased Wapnick’s Journey Through the Workbook and Journey Through the Text and am currently making my way through ACIM with Kenneth Wapnick as guide.

I am trying to do one workbook lesson per day. My notes on the lessons are sketchy because I assume anyone reading them is already familiar with ACIM. I sometimes provide my own opinion, but usually it’s simply a summary of what I find interesting from Wapnick’s explanations.

I’m not sure how best to coordinate the workbook lessons with the chapters in the text so I’m simply attempting to read one chapter for every twelve lessons.

I still don’t know what to think of ACIM. Is it perennial wisdom, monistic psychotherapy, new age psychobabble, or something else? Williamson’s interpretation was new age psychobabble. I’m not sure how to label Wapnick’s interpretation, yet. I’ll trudge on!

Introductory Materials

ACIM Reading Schedule

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Chapter 10

Chapter 11

  • Lesson 121
  • Lesson 122
  • Lesson 123
  • Lesson 124
  • Lesson 125
  • Lesson 126
  • Lesson 127
  • Lesson 128
  • Lesson 129
  • Lesson 130
  • Lesson 131
  • Lesson 132

Chapter 12: Lessons 133-144

Chapter 13: Lessons 145-156

Chapter 14: Lessons 157-168

Chapter 15: Lessons 169-180

Chapter 16: Lessons 181-192

Chapter 17: Lessons 193-204

Chapter 18: Lessons 205-216

Chapter 19: Lessons 217-228

Chapter 20: Lessons 229-240

Chapter 21: Lessons 241-252

Chapter 22: Lessons 253-264

Chapter 23: Lessons 265-276

Chapter 24: Lessons 277-288

Chapter 25: Lessons 289-300

Chapter 26: Lessons 301-312

Chapter 27: Lessons 313-324

Chapter 28: Lessons 325-336

Chapter 29: Lessons 337-348

Chapter 30: Lessons 349-360

Chapter 31: Lessons 361-365